custom excel modeling

Custom Software

We can create specific software that can be used to track expenses, revenues, statistics, and time.  Some custom software examples are DSS cooperative agreement models, sheriff staff overtime analysis, article 6 state aid spreadsheets, and building cost per square foot analysis.  We can track and present any financial and statistical data imaginable.


our information technology services



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systems training

Training Within Our Specialist

We can train both your new and existing staff to increase knowledge, productivity, and ultimately enhanced departmental operations. 


our accounting and consulting services

software/hardware consulting

Clinical/Billing/Financial Systems Review

We have a working knowledge of many clinical/billing /financial systems. We can review your current systems, assist you with choosing appropriate hardware and software solutions, and provide future product support. 


​​​The Venesky Group


community colleges

Simplified Method F&A Cost Rates

2 CFR Part 200 - Appendix III 

We prepare a Report to Management and Reference Manual (with crosswalk) which includes the calculation of an indirect cost rate (ON and OFF Campus) in accordance with the simplified method for small institutions. 2 CFR Part 200 - Appendix III, "Cost Principles for Educational Institutions" sets forth the rules that govern Federal grants and contracts awarded to colleges and universities. The Circular requires the development of a Facilities and Administrative (F&A) cost rate based on either salaries and wages or modified total direct costs. The indirect cost rate should be used on grant applications to increase Federal and State Aid.

ARTICLE 6 state aid

Our clients use one or more available packages to meet their reimbursement and submission needs.

The service package may include:

  • Training and Advisory Services
  • Review and Consultation Services
  • Full Service Approach
  • Software/Spreadsheet Development

We conduct a review of Article 6 core services included in the State Aid Application and the Quarterly Expenditure Report forms to determine that all expenses reported are eligible for reimbursement according to Public Health Law Article 6 and 10 NYCRR Part 40.  In addition, a detailed analysis is performed of:  Grants, Revenues, Maintenance in Lieu of Rent (MILOR), Indirect Cost as per the Uniform Guidance, Fringe Benefits, and Malpractice Insurance.

cost allocation plans

​We create a specific accounting and consulting package to assist our clients to prepare and file their cost allocation plan.

Cost Allocation Plan (CAP)

2 CFR Part 200 - Appendix V (formerly OMB Circular A-87)

The Cost Allocation Plan is a report which documents, calculates, and distributes all allowable administrative overhead costs to user (or operating) departments based on auditable allocation statistics that match the services provided. 

Related Cost Allocation Plan Services:

  • County-Wide
  • City-Wide
  • Full-Overhead
  • Airport


The service package may include:

  • Onsite visit / interview with each department

  • Review of expenses and revenues

  • Report to management

  • Detailed departmental claiming instructions

  • Federally approved negotiated indirect cost rates

Maintenance in Lieu of Rent Model

Our Space Occupancy Cost Analysis Report (SOCA) analyzes the capital and operating costs associated with maintaining and occupying space within various buildings. The model computes the capital and operating cost per net usable square foot of occupancy. This analysis becomes the basis for departments to claim Federal and State cost reimbursements in the form of Maintenance in Lieu of Rent (MLR / MILOR).

Additional Services

Building Construction - Structural Component Depreciation Model

We develop an asset depreciation model designed to reduce the 50 year recovery method outlined within the NYS Fiscal Reference Manual Volume 3.

  • Provides documentation to support claims for Federal and NYS reimbursement
  • Maximizes all Federal and NYS reimbursements
  • Minimizes the net cost to county taxpayers
  • Identifies and includes all eligible reimbursable space occupancy costs
  • Simplifies MLR (maintenance in lieu of rent)

Cooperative Agreements

​We create a model that identifies and accounts for direct expenses (personal services and contractual), additional expenses (employee benefits), worked and non-worked paid time, and all allocated indirect costs.

  • Meet with the appropriate County officials
  • Identify the necessary accounting records
  • Develop the billing rate computer model and cooperative agreements. 

medicare/medicaid cost reports

We create a specific accounting and consulting package to assist our clients to prepare and file their cost reports.

Certified Home Health Agency

Medicare - CMS-1728-94, Medicaid - CHHA


Long-Term Home Health Care Program

​Medicaid - LTHHCP


​​Medicare - CMS-1984-99

Personal Care Aide

​Medicaid - PCA

Diagnostic & Treatment Center Program

Medicaid - AHCF

Preschool Supportive Health Services Program (SSHSP)

​Medicaid - SSHSP

The service package may include:

  • Onsite visit

  • Reference manual (with crosswalk)

  • Report to management

  • Completed cost report with filing instructions

Additional Benefits:

  • We respond to client questions, including the research of rules and regulations
  • We review rate calculations for Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Insurance
  • We distribute home care industry benchmarking information
  • We license our software for your use in profit and loss projections, revenue projections, break-even analyses, and comparative analyses.​​